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Adroit Technology and Business Group

The Adroit Technology and Business Group is engaging with a select group of industry leaders that have been tackling challenging use cases for AR object detection and robotic machine vision.

We are focused on solving complex problems with progressive partners -- ones who see AR coupled with 6DOF (6 Degrees of Freedom) object intelligence as offering a transformative competitive advantage. The near-term focus will be on developing select, targeted and custom solutions that employ Adroit to solve high value problems. We welcome you to reach out to us for consideration as a foundational partner, as we build this portfolio of solutions.

AR Assisted Maintenance

Adroit identifies complex components within larger systems, in varying lighting conditions -- even if visibility is impacted by dirt and oil. Adroit was developed with real world industrial use cases in mind, including field maintenance of critical industrial machinery.

Adroit AR in Assisted Maintenance

AR Enables Retail Sales

Adroit enhances the showroom sales process, allowing customization or feature exploration of physical products with customers. For instance, Adroit can assist a salesperson in helping customers select and visualize a range of wheels, features and colors of a car in real time.

AR Powered Production Lines

Assist front-line workers with clear and timely processes, with only a glance. Adroit can identify and understand 3D objects at 30 frames per second with 6DOF, allowing the system to help workers pick correct parts, products and more - meaning costly error reduction, elimination of line stoppages and increased quality assurance.

Adroit AR Powering Production Lines

Advanced Machine Vision for Autonomous Robotics

The next industrial revolution is coming. Robots and drones will solve problems and perform tasks the way that we humans do. The key to this revolution is getting robots to ‘see’ and have an intelligence of the real world and objects within it. Not simply recognizing them, but understanding these objects in ways similar to the human brain.

Adroit enables robots to understand how potential multi-modal objects fit and work together independently, as well as holistically. Applications for this class of robotics span food production, building and construction, search and rescue, and defense/security. The technology will be essential to autonomous remote robotic missions, accessing areas and objects inhospitable for humans - from deep-sea drilling to Mars.

Adroit Powering Machine Vision for Autonomous Robots

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Adroit offers goods and services, focused on the research, development and consulting of augmented reality technologies. Our offerings include both consultancy as well as the pending product release of our public developer SDK and licenses. If you'd like to speak with our team about a private demo, access to the developer SDK, engaging our team for a custom pilot execution or becoming part of our active partner program, send us a message using the form below.

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